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About the Team


Mr. Suleman Ahmer

Lead Trainer and Founder

Suleman’s interest and belief in the power of visions to transform organizations has resulted in consulting work with groups in Pakistan, the UAE and the US. His consulting experience ranges from local companies to multinational giants. Suleman has taught the fundamentals of Visions, Leadership and Time Management to thousands of individuals in Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the US.

Suleman founded Timerunners, Inc. in Chicago in 1999; Timelenders, Inc. in Boston and Karachi in 2002 and Timelenders FZE in the UAE in 2007. Under the aegis of Timelenders, Suleman teaches courses such as Strategic Time Management and Strategic Visions., to name just two. The list of companies trained includes global giants such as GSK, Nestle, Pfizer, Philips, Siemens, Total and Telenor.

Before founding Timelenders, Suleman was associated with two Chicago-based international relief organizations providing relief to areas affected by wars. He has served in six war zones including Bosnia, Croatia and Chechnya. He has traveled to over 25 countries. It is from his experiences in international relief work and his background in research that Suleman draws his inspiration.

Suleman is an award winning author and his relief experiences are captured in ‘The Embattled Innocence’ published in the US and Pakistan. Furthermore, his articles on geopolitics and history have appeared in prestigious magazines in the US such as The Washington Post for Middle East Affairs. He has spoken on these topics at over 40 US universities including the Harvard University, MIT, Emory, the University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers.

Suleman is an engineering graduate of the University of Nebraska and has done research with the US Air Force and the US Navy in solid state physics.




Mr. Yameenuddin Ahmed

Vice President - Global Trainings

Yameenuddin Ahmed has been associated with Timelenders since 2004 as one of its key leaders in the area of life transforming trainings, coaching, and counseling. To date, Ahmed has helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations in developing worthy and powerful visions and in bringing order, enhancing character, and improving performance in personal and professional living.

Ahmed has been in the professional field for the past 22 years. Prior to Timelenders, he worked with a large manufacturing group in the areas of finance, marketing, and human resource development. Carving himself a niche area of personal interest, he has evolved into a distinctive trainer and coach of personal and organizational enhancement achieved through clear visions and time management. During his time at Timelenders, thousands of professionals, young graduates, and hundreds of corporations have benefited from his meticulous and rigorous instructional mode.

Another distinction of Yameen is his ability to work with families, groups of youth and parents in developing visions for their families and the realization of the same by managing their time effectively to an extent that every single day we spend should take us closer to our visions. His ability to explain logical and easy to apply time management concepts and tools has made him one of the experts in this area, helping people become the architects of their own lives.

Ahmed’s perspicuous style of presenting concepts and theories has made him one of the experts in the areas of visioning and self-management. His training sessions have delivered outstanding value both for money as well for training content that is relevant and of immediate practical value. In addition, he has the skill and experience to adapt his sessions to suit diverse audiences. Through his assertive and responsive training methodology, Ahmed has revolutionized the lives of countless individuals and organizations since his association with Timelenders.

The beneficiaries of his work include Fortune 500 & Forbes Global companies, local business groups, government organizations, and financial & educational institutions mainly in UAE, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. To name a few, these include Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Etisalat UAE, Dallah Group KSA, Pakistan Navy, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Ministry of Education Pakistan, Dar-al-Hekmah University KSA, and Al-Batha Group UAE.

In addition to his position as one of the lead Timelenders trainers, Ahmed is also a prolific writer on the subject of personal and organizational development and the editor of Timelenders’ monthly newsletter Envision. As a coach he has also assisted, and continues to assist, organizations in develop their in house trainers to implement Timelenders’ concepts.

Currently, Ahmed is involved with research on productivity habits for his book Changing Personal Productivity Paradigms.

The following comments testify to his role of a trainer and a gifted mentor:

“One of the best workshops I have ever attended in my life. It has really put important things in life in the right perspective and has reinforced the value of limited time available and how to best utilize it …”
Khalid Ali, CEO Security Leasing Corporation Ltd.

“It is really a wonderful program that made me realize the importance of time with reference to vision in life. I’m sure that these powerful contents and extraordinary delivery by the trainer will definitely bring a noticeable change in my life and I’ll be able to be more organized, less stressed and will be getting better results of my efforts. I would like to thank and congratulate you for organizing such an effective workshop and would like to ask ‘where have you guys been before’.”

Ashfaq Ahmed, Assistant Director, State Bank of Pakistan