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Strategic Visions

This illuminating workshop provides an introduction to creating powerful visions. Identifying a clear and meaningful vision is critical towards personal and organizational success and excellence. This workshop will give you the tools you need for developing a worthy, powerful vision!




The Challenges

  • Are you or your organization living through crisis after crisis?
  • Are you constantly engaged in firefighting?
  • Do you feel rudderless in life?
  • Do you feel that your existence is mechanical and robotic?
  • Is there a sense of meaninglessness in your life?


The Contents

  • Technical definitions of the terms vision, mission, purpose, purpose of the vision, ultimate purpose, strategy, and goals;
  • The seven functions of vision;
  • The nine characteristics of vision;
  • Introduction to the concept of excellence;
  • The concept of striking a balance between all our roles.


Length of Training

Spread over 22 instructional hours, the workshop is an interactive amalgamation of lecture sessions, individual and group exercises, presentations by the participants, and quizzes. Different modules are developed and brought together at the end. Depending on the profile of the participants, we customize the workshop’s layout. Concepts developed in different modules are unified at the end. A minimum of three days is required. Sometimes on request, the number of days is increased for reducing the hours per day.


Delivery Options

  • Open house trainings;
  • On site corporate trainings.


What You Receive

  • Workshop manual.




You will learn the fundamentals of a vision, which will enable you to create your own focused and powerful vision. Your vision will:

  • give you direction in life;
  • facilitate your day-to-day decision making;
  • shield you against the worst case scenarios in life;
  • be a constant motivating factor in the pursuit of your goals;
  • help you fight adversity;
  • keep you independent of becoming a tool of someone else’s undesirable vision;
  • guide you in selecting your roles.

Entrepreneur & Management Consultant, (UAE)

“As an entrepreneur and management consultant, I place a lot of value on visioning and planning. But I never get the time to apply similar concepts to myself as a person. Being able to escape day-to-day life and get the mind-space and assistance needed to understand the Time Lenders visioning framework and articulate the vision I have for one my roles in life was truly invaluable. I am more determined than ever to live a truly worthy, vision-led life and recommend others to follow suit.”


GM, trading company (UAE)

"Excellent framework of visions and life management, given visible changes in the mindsets of people, which would not have been possible otherwise. Productivity has increased manifolds and right prioritization, effective delegation, and follow-ups are now giving us great opportunities of expanding our work in different countries. Some individuals have got drastic changes in their approach, not only developing themselves, but also contributing a great deal in the company’s business."


Senior Engineer Audit & Resignation, SABIC (KSA)

“Strategic Visions is really an excellent training, and I got a lot from this workshop, such as how to reorganize my life based on a clear vision and a purpose and what is the procedure of building a vision and how to reprioritize / aligned my activities accordingly.”


A Father (Dubai)

“Phenomenal change in my family, specially my children. Their focus and interest has increased in studies and their development, which I have been wishing for years. As a family, we have realized and are focused on important things now, and the whole structure is shaping for good. Last one year was most developing year for my family, after attending Strategic Time Management and Strategic Visions courses.”