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Workshops and Courses



Strategic Visions

This illuminating workshop provides an introduction to creating powerful visions. Identifying a clear and meaningful vision is critical for personal success and organizational excellence. This workshop will give you the tools you need for developing a worthy, powerful vision!
  • Learn the foundations, importance, and purpose of vision.
  • Learn how vision can transform your life.
  • Become equipped for creating your own vision.
Strategic Time Management

The Strategic Time Management Workshop, the first ever workshop offered by Timelenders, is engaging and highly interactive. It delivers ground breaking-concepts and ideas that will help you manage your time and your life!
  • Gain the knowledge, skills and tools for managing your personal and professional life effectively.
  • Inspire and motivate your team members with cutting edge concepts and life-changing paradigms.
  • Achieve tranquility and peace by having a clear direction and purpose in life.
Bridging Differences: The Art of Creating Agreements

The ‘Bridging differences’ workshop will introduce you to the skills of resolving differences and arriving at agreements whether they are at work, home or social settings. Learn the techniques on how to handle disagreements in difficult situations so that long term, sustainable and peaceful resolutions are achieved and winning situations are created for all parties involved.
  • Learn the art of effective negotiation.
  • Create winning outcomes.
  • Negotiate your way towards success.
Vision Retreat

The Vision Retreat is a three days residential program for people who have taken the Strategic Visions, Strategic Time Management and Understanding Sound Ideology workshops and would like to be facilitated in developing their personal visions. With other participants, focused attention, and a dedicated away-time, you will finally put your visionary thoughts on the paper!
  • Conducive environment for helping you chart your vision.
  • Network with other vision makers.
  • Refining your vision with expert feedback.
Effective Leadership Through Character

Our success at work and generally in life depends on our ability lead our teams, our families and, most importantly, ourselves in these challenging times. A personal character worthy of the vision that we have is critical for our leadership skills.
Stress Management

Termed as the disease of the 20th century, Stress has become prevalent due to the fast- paced life that has become the hallmark of today’s world. It is one of the biggest factors behind heart disease and causes immune system disorders, headaches, insomnia and gastrointestinal disturbances. It severely impacts our decision making, performance at work and relationships. If left unchecked, it progresses to chronic anxiety and depressions.
  • Make the other person feel comfortable quickly.
  • Decipher their body language and make sense out of it.
  • Have the strategies to handle different kinds of people with ease.
Sleep Management

Sleep Management is essential for everyone. Learn what sleep is all about. Something that takes up one third of our lives should be worth knowing about. This 4-hours workshop is designed to help us understand sleep in light of the available scientific knowledge and Islamic concepts.



  • Improve quality of your life through effective sleep management.
  • Find out all about the mechanics of sleep.
  • Find out what Islam says about sleep.
Where do You Want to Go?

Thought provoking questions will put your thinking muscles into high gear. Take an honest look at the big picture and come out of the box for a little while. Where do You Want to Go is for souls, who want to go somewhere in life!
Understanding Sound Ideology

This workshop offers to give the participant an in-depth understanding of his/her ‘Ultimate Purpose’ and ‘Sound Ideology’ with concrete evidences in the presence of scholars. This is the foundation for the entire process of building a personal vision.