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Through consulting and trainings, and in line with its vision to facilitate individuals and organizations in developing worthy and powerful visions, Timelenders helps companies improve their performance, productivity, and bottom-line results.


Strategic Planning

  • Development of vision, purpose, and mission of organizations

    An exchange is facilitated between the key stakeholders of the organization, resulting in a clearly defined group vision, mission, and purpose.


  • Development of an organizational strategic plan

    In view of the long term vision, shorter term goals are derived, on the basis of which a comprehensive strategic plan is developed, covering all aspects of the organization.


  • Organization Gap Analyses

    A gap analyses determines the gap between where the organization currently stands and where it wants to see itself. This initiative employs group discussions, confidential interviews, and surveys.


Organizational Development

  • Organizational Climate Studies

    Studies are carried out for assessing the operations of the various functions of the company. These can be done not only for diagnosing a problems but also for ensuring that the procedures are functioning properly. Tools employed are business functions analysis, confidential interviews, and surveys.


  • Development of Performance Management System

    A performance management system monitors the progress of the organization.


  • Tactical Organizational Interventions and Firefighting

    If an organization or a company is facing a challenge in a particular area, we can do a systematic intervention and offer remedies.


Audits and Compliance

  • Shariah Compliance Audits and Compliance Initiatives

    We can perform Shariah compliance audits of both financial and non-financial functions of the company and develop compliance strategies.



  • Timelenders offers coaching and counseling services for individuals, who need a confidential, one-on-one help for sorting out issues related to social concerns, career, and relationships.