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Where do You Want to Go?

Thought provoking questions will put your thinking muscles into high gear. Take an honest look at the big picture and come out of the box for a little while. Where Do You Want To Go is for souls who want to go somewhere in life!

The Challenges

  • I have no idea where I am heading in life
  • I feel that I have wasted a lot of time in life
  • I am unclear about what I really want to do in life
  • Why is life is so difficult?
  • I want to change my life for the better
  • Why am I always unhappy with my life?
  • I want to have a meaningful existence, where do I begin?
  • I wish I was not born at all


The Contents

  • A thought provoking, no holds barred questionnaire to help you start thinking about the importance of life


Length of training

The Where Do You Want To Go workshop is a 4 hour workshop for people who have taken the Strategic Visions, Strategic Time Management or Bridging Differences workshops.


Delivery Options

  • Open House trainings
  • On site corporate trainings


What you receive

  • No workshop manual or presentation is available for this workshop



  • Develop a big picture view of your life
  • Assess where you are in life
  • A candid reflection of what you have so far done in life
  • A trigger for change

No manual or presentation available for this workshop

Will be updated soon